Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that the body needs to function properly.  Simple deficiencies can have widespread effects throughout the body!  
Vitamins and minerals are a safe way to bring function back to the body.  They have no contraindications to speak of, and can bring one health without harsh chemicals or prescriptions.   
All products we sell are pharmaceutical grade, and our suppliers require a license in order to sell them.  Please note that if you are purchasing our recommended products from or other similar entities, it is likely that they are counterfeit.  
Quality of supplementation is important.  Pharmaceutical grade supplements are the best, followed by medical grade, then nutritional grade (which are the ones you get at your local grocery store (even the specialty ones)). The better the grade, the purer and more bioavailable the nutrient, with pharmaceutical grade supplements being independently accredited.
Vitamins are converted to coenzymes, which team up with enzymes to perform some essential metabolic function.  

Charlotte's Web (CW)

Charlotte's Web is federally classified as "hemp" per the 2014 US Farm Bill definition and must be referred to as such.  CW's consistent whole-plant cannbinoids are strategic key to unlocking your health's full potential while supporting overall mind and body balance.  Medical properties of Cannabinoids; reduces nausea and vomiting, suppresses seizure activity, combats phychosis disorders, combats anxiety and depression, combats tumor and cancer cells, combats free-radical damage, combats inflammatory disorders.  Read more about CW here.  



Eyelight therapy is used to therapeutically send light impulses through the eyes to stimulate brain function. It allows us to open pathways that affect every cell in the body including cellular metabolism. 
If you think about it we are energy and light, we need light to nourish our body. Light plays an important role in controlling bodily functions like vitamin D, it produces dopamine and strong bones. 
IHS has developed a way through electrical measures of re-activity to identify weaker areas of the brain. This electrical brain mapping allows us to target these weak areas and program the eyelights to excite specific neurons in specific areas of the brain. By using color and light therapy, research shows we can stimulate certain enzymes to be 500% more effective and increase cellular activity to metabolize glucose for energy.
IHS applies this research when working with clients with cancer. By identifying brain disorganizations and using color and light impulses we see changes in the way the brain communicates with the body.
Eyelights were developed by Dr. Peter Jaillet a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist.
Other areas eyelights are beneficial:       


Ketogenic Lifestyle

There is research that shows that a ketogenic diet is one of the only way to tackle brain tumors, so we're all about it!  This high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein, no grain, starch, or sugar way-of-life is amazing!
Ask us for more details about this, we're happy to help!
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