Dr. Debbie Alsheimer

As a cancer survivor with multiple health issues and genetic defects herself, Dr. Debbie can relate to many of her patients.  It is her life experiences as well as her drive to find answers that makes her an extraordinary doctor.  It is her belief that epigenetic profiling is crucial in understanding causes of cell development and disease processes, which is why she will recommend all her patients to get a genetic analysis so she can profile it out.  

She is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, a Wellness Consultant, a Genetic Profiler, and even a Tutor!  
Her faith in God allows her to care for her patients in a way well above traditional doctors.  She prays over each case, and each patient.  This is part of how her practice works.  Praise God!

Each patient receives customized therapies and protocols.  She understands that each person is unique in their own way, and even people with the same medical diagnosis may not function in the same way.   

Dr. Debbie uses her extensive knowledge to focus on integrated approaches to improve the health of patients with chronic illnesses.

In 2009 she started developing specific nutritional plans for her stage-3 and stage-4 cancer patients, with a special emphasis in nutrigenomics.  Dr. Debbie does whatever she can, while realizing God's Will, to create protocols that help her patients be successful.  

In 2012 she developed customized nutrigenomic protocols based on epigenetic profiling.  This management of gene expression has been very successful.  Dr. Debbie uses supplements, herbs, and medical foods to bypass gene SNPs to achieve proper function to the body. 




Post Doctorate Training

          400+ Hours - Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine

          100 Hours - Applied Kinesiology [Parker University]

          Continuing Education - Neurology toward a Diplomate [Masters] in Neurology [Carrik Institute of Neurology]

          Continuing Education - Functional Medicine [Metagenics Workshops & Seminars]

          Continuing Education - Energetic Medicine

          Continuing Education - Syntonics/Light Therapy

          Continuing Education - Methylation & Detox Profiling


Doctorate Degree [2006]

          Parker University [Formerly Parker Chiropractic College] - Dallas, TX

          Doctor of Chiropractic


Associate of Science

          Seward County Community College - Liberal, KS

          Biology Major





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