TUESDAY - FRIDAY 11am EST - 4:00pm EST

Welcome to Integrated Health Solutions

IHS provides alternative healthcare that is uniquely tailored to each individual. We provide services in, but are not limited to: Functional and Integrated Medicine, MTHFR, methylation support, nutrigenomics, wellness coaching, gastrointestinal disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lymes disease & co-infections, and nutritional oncology. Because we design custom protocols, we can address the root causes of illnesses to resolve your health issues and restore your path to wellness.
Have questions? Please call us at 802-433-4257 or email us at


Phone appointments start one half hour after opening, and the last 30-minute appointment is scheduled one hour prior to closing each day. 

Call/email to schedule a time to chat with Dr. Debbie!!


Our Office Phone Number is:  802-433-4257
Our Fax Number is:  802-433-4260
Our USPS Mailing Address is:  PO Box 262, Northfield, VT 05663
Our Physical Address is (FedEX/UPS Mailing Address):  168 North Main, Suite 3, Northfield, VT 05663


Please remember that we are not in the office Saturdays-Mondays.  

We will check emails and return phone calls upon our return to the office on Tuesdays.

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