Consulting Fees

IHS Fees are subject to change at any time.  Please keep yourself informed by checking this page.

Phone Consultations / In-Office Visits

All phone consultations and in-office visits must be scheduled through IHS office staff.  You can call 802-485-3965, or email to set up an appointment.  


Phone Consultation, Concierge Service
$60.00 / Flat Rate

If anyone would like Dr. Debbie to call them for their scheduled appointment, this fee will be applied.  

Unfortunately, this service is not available internationally -- if you are outside the United States you must call into the office.


Late Cancellation / Missed Appointment
$200.00 / Flat Rate

If one can not keep a scheduled appointment we request that they notify the office by phone or email within 24 hours of their appointment time.  

Appointments are in high demand and early cancellations allow others to speak with Dr. Debbie and get the consulting they need.

A missed appointment will be when one does not keep their scheduled appointment, or does not cancel their appointment within 24 hours.



Phone Consultation / In-Office Visit, Standard
$120.00 / 30 Minutes, minimum charge.  Pro-rated to the nearest 15 minutes for durations lasting longer

Consult with Dr. Debbie directly regarding a question/concern/specific case. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.  


Bio-Feedback Scans

Dr. Debbie is not a medically licensed doctor and nothing that the bio-feedback scan(s) reveal or the ROF documentation states should be considered a diagnosis of any kind.  IHS does not heal, treat, prevent, cure, etc... our main goal is to restore function and balance to the body.  


Bio-Feedback Scan, Regularly Scheduled
$350.00 / Flat Rate

Dr. Debbie will use her SCIO computer to scan the electromagnetic energies of the body.  

Upon the completion of the scan, a review-of-findings document and recommended supplement schedule will be emailed to the patient using the email provided on their new patient documentation.    


Genetic Analysis 

Contact our office concerning the process for genetic profiling


Genetic Profiling
$450.00 / Flat Rate

Dr. Debbie will use her genetic expertise to give each patient insight into their methylation and detoxification gene defects.  Each gene SNP requires specific enzymes to properly function, and often people are missing these (causing health issues).

Upon completion of the genetic profiling, a genetic review-of-findings document, a genetic profile, a methylation diagram, and a recommended supplement schedule will be emailed to the patient using the email provided on their new patient documentation. IHS staff will also contact the patient (often prior to the email) to schedule a genetic review-of-findings phone consultation, which can last up to 60-minutes in duration.

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